There are 2 kinds of weapons in Knights & Squires.

Swords, which Evan and Seira use and Whips, which Ellen and Lyn use.

Weapons can have different stats and depending on the colors is how many extra stats they can have.

Color Rarity Extra Stats
White Common 0
Blue Magic 1-2
Yellow Rare 3-4
Red Legendary 5-6

Below are the extra stats a weapon can have

  • Weapon Attack Power +%
  • Total Damage +%
  • Attack Speed +%
  • Bloodsucking Damage +%
  • Critical Rate +%
  • Critical Damage +%
  • Instant Kill %
  • Ignore % of Enemy Defense
  • Recover ? Hp With a Critical Hit
  • Recover ? Hp When Enemy is Defeated
  • Inflict ? Fixed Damage
  • Bonus ? Additional Damage
  • Bonus ? Damage Every 5 Combos
  • Bonus ? Damage When Hp is at MAX
  • Freeze for ? Sec With % Chance
  • Fire Attack with % Chance
  • Poison Damage With % Chance
  • Bonus Poison Damage Every 3rd Attack
  • Bonus Chain Lightning Damage Every 3rd Attack
  • Bonus Fire Damage Every 3rd Attack
  • Additional % Damage To: Living Armor, Orc, Dark Elves, Lizardmen, Imps, Spiders, Mummies, Ogres, Goblins, Skeletons or Pirates.

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